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ha nerds we have the biggest houses


it astounds me that there’s teen artists on tumblr at a higher level then graduates working in cartoon and film industries and it’s mostly just really high quality homosexual porn


Aleuria aurantia - Orange Peel Fungus. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender — First & Last Lines
→ inspired by (x)


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Cause and effect.

Freaking what? o////o Well then.. I don’t even care that it’s basically porn… this is by “3DGayRenders"…

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RoTG Headcanon → in which Baby Tooth is Jack’s sister.

When I first heard about this theory I disliked it because I couldn’t explain it to myself. But then I noticed Baby Tooth’s ice-blue eye and the birthmark that resembles the one of Jack’s sister. At first I thought it’s coincidence, but when I next went to the cinema I paid extra attention - the birthmark is actually two spots, both Baby Tooth and Jack’s sister have them at the exact same location under their eye. And, of course, Baby Tooth is the only one of the little fairies that doesn’t seem to have romantic interest in Jack, she is actually quite comfortable and intimate around him. I also noticed that both of them like to drag Jack around.

The most significant moment, though, is when Baby Tooth is the one to show Jack his memories. As Jack hears the voice of his sister, Baby Tooth hears it too and seems to know immediately that it’s hers and where it’s coming from. When Baby Tooth climbs into the pocket of Jack’s sweatshirt, the box of his teeth glows and the voice appears again. I might be interpreting too much into it, but I think it’s pretty symbolic.

{ whispers my personal headcanon is that her desire to see her brother again was so strong that her prayers reached the moon; and Manny granted her her dearest wish by letting her be reborn as a part of Tooth, knowing that with Jack as a guardian they will be reunited. }


I support this theory

Wreck-It Ralph - End Credits

Hey did you ever get that drawing I made for you?

It apparently takes ages to go through the mail system. I will surely tell you as soon as I get it though ^-^ thanks again for sending it though :3


i cant handle all these hq gifsets omg


And here’s the whole group

Jack Frost - Red Mage
Tooth Fairy - Geomancer
Bunnymund - Ranger
Santa Claus - Viking
Sandman - Sage
Pitch -Magus

job classes/outfits inspired from Final Fantasy 3 (DS)